Music From A Sunny Place is a radio show by Tim Green (and occasional guests). A collection of global funk, disco and Outernational oddities featuring the weird and wonderful from afrobeat, Italian pop, Arabic disco, hi-life, Japanese funk, Turkish disco, French boogie and much more.

Latest show | April 2017

+ Tracklisting +

Claude Rodap - Zouklove (Martinique)

Shankar Ganesh Featuring Vani Jairam - Cola Cola Coca Cola (India)

Vytas Brenner - Caracas Para Locos (Venezuela)

Disco Blaze - Hear The Musik (Nigeria)

Friction Band - Watchin' You (USA?)

Al Etto - Hold on to Love (South Africa)

Calvin B. Rhone - I Believe (USA)

Phil Gerus - Make Time (Russia)

Voilaaa - African Music (feat. Doctor Lass) (France)

Pat Les Stache - Bamboo Boogie (USA)

Lee McDonald - I'll Do Anything For You (Patchworks remix) (USA)

Pasteur Lappe - Na Real Sekele Fo'Ya (Cameroon)

Michael Boothman - Waiting for Your Love (Trinidad)

Moullinex - Love Love Love (Portugal)

Charlie Brown Superstar - Body & Soul (USA)

Mr Given Raw - Shake Raw Cut (USA)

Andromeda Orchestra - Take Me High (Rudy's Midnight Machine Mix) (Germany)

Vaudou Game - La Dette (Togo)

Ziad Rahbani - Abu Ali (Lebanon)

Psychic Mirrors - The Bells Of Saint Christopher (USA)

Abdou El Omari - Zifaf Filfada (Morocco)