Music From A Sunny Place is a radio show by Tim Green (and occasional guests). A collection of global funk, disco and Outernational oddities featuring the weird and wonderful from afrobeat, Italian pop, Arabic disco, hi-life, Japanese funk, Turkish disco, French boogie and much more.

Latest show | August 2017

+ Tracklisting +

Casiopea - Asayake

Lalo Schifrin - Middle of the Night

Jay-u Experience - Enough Is Enough

M Bamina - N'Zoumba

Brother Valentino - Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution)

Om Alec Khaoli - Crosslines

Zebra - Simple Song

Keither Florence & The Associates - Free

The Apostles - Banko Woman

Y. Gershovsky - Disco Baby

Jupiter & Okwess - Musonsu

Anubis - Ecology

Flipside - Music

Dazion - Be A Man

Lucas Arruda - Perdidos e bobos (Dub)

Arian - Sure It's Funky

Symbol8 - l Thought You Wanted To Dance (Shock version)

Talamanca Systemm - Ancona Ancona

Octo Champ - Make Heaven

I-Robots - Dirty Talk ft. Donna McGhee (Unreleased Dub)

Makadem, Behr - Nyako (Modified Man Remix)

Harvey Sutherland - Bermuda

Harvey Sutherland - Why Look Back?

Man Duo - One Formula

Kiasmos - Blurred